European Project MUTUUS: Final Conference

On the 28th of March, the consortium of the European Project MUTUUS held its Final Conference within the premises of the European Parliament, concluding two years of studies and researches. This conclusion was the opportunity for CEPLIS, Confprofessioni, UNAPL, MFPA, and Equal Ireland, to present the results of this project that focused on the issue of extending social security for the self-employed.

As social rights are one of the priorities of the European Commission, the MUTUUS project had the interest to ensure that the current social protection standards are in line with the new realities of the world of work.

In order to achieve the objectives, various national seminars were organised in Italy, Malta, Belgium, and France, These initiatives enabled the consortium to identify precisely the challenges and realities of the protection systems in force.

The analysis of the social protection schemes for the self-employed led to several proposals for improving these systems with a view to building a common framework that could be applied in the 27 countries of the European Union. The Final Conference was therefore an opportunity for all partners to present the results of this study and to open the debate on the issue of this extension. Several experts from the European Commission and MEPs were invited to exchange views on the subject and draw inspiration from the results presented by the consortium.