Liberal Professions for the future of Europe

The European Council of the Liberal Professions (CEPLIS) has published a Memorandum in view of the 2019 European elections.

The document in question which was unanimously adopted by CEPLIS’ members, national inter-professional and European mono-professional bodies representing the Liberal Professional sector, aims at sharing their views on the current state of the European Union & at promoting sustainable economic growth, professional ethics and quality of services.

The Memorandum urges the political families, future MEPs and the future college of Commissioners to pursue the path of their predecessors in recognising Liberal Professions as a source of employment and a motor for growth in the European Union. As evidenced by a Study recently published by the European Economic and Social Committee: in Europe, one in six self-employed persons was active in a liberal professional-related industry, which makes a total of 27.6 million persons, Gross-value-added generated by liberal professional-related industries has risen from 1,050 billion Euros in 2005 to 1,220 billion Euros in 2008. Yet, unfortunately, the specificities of these professions are not sufficiently taken into consideration in EU Entrepreneurship related policies.

Liberal Professions in Europe – those who provide their services on the basis of an independence of professional judgment, with a professional responsibility and a control of their exercise by a system of autoregulation that assures a universal, homogeneous professional deontology and guarantees implementation of the code of conduct of the profession – are a very important contributor to the Union’s Growth and a key job creator EU-wide.

Today more than ever this must be taken into account by EU-decision makers if we really want our dream of becoming the most competitive knowledge-based economy in the world ever coming true.