World Day of the Liberal Professions

For yet another time the International Day of the Liberal Professions finds a great number of our colleagues from all sectors, and especially the one of healthcare, in the front lines of armed conflicts and insurrections, in Europe, in the Middle East, in Africa and many other place of the world.

As natural defenders of the rule of law, and as constituting pillars of societies based on knowledge, research, respect, transparency, and active citizen participation, the professions of law, health, number, and compass, are placing first their clients and patients to the service of whom they have dedicated their lives.

Today, our thoughts go to all our colleagues who strive to alleviate the sufferings of their fellow citizens, and to all our colleagues who work with dedication, enthusiasm, and professionalism, to better the world around them and to serve their communities.

Together with them we pledge to continue giving our best for the advancement of the causes set by the UN declarations and for a sustainable, ever more just and peaceful planet.

Press release World Day of the LP 2023