World Day of the Liberal Professions

Going through the last very difficult years, citizens all over the world were able to count on professionals dedicated to their service; on persons who weathered the fear of sickness, the dreads of the war, the lack of infrastructure, the tough economic conditions, in order to do their duty, to offer advice, to alleviate pain, to build dreams, to facilitate complicated issues and give peace of mind to many.

Today is the day we remember them.

The European Council of the Liberal Professions calls for a better protection of these professionals and for a better recognition of their work, their expertise, and their role in society, throughout the European Union and internationally.

This special day, our mind goes especially to our colleagues exercising their duty in the zone of war in Ukraine, and to those who still fight at the front of the pandemic and the other contagious diseases. We are close to them in our hearts. They are our heroes and the heroes of many!

CEPLIS’Press release for the World Day of the Liberal Professions