Gaetano Stella President of Confprofessioni elected to chair the European Council of the Liberal Professions

Mr. Gaetano Stella was born in Vicenza where he currently lives. Following his graduation in Economics from the University of Verona, he became an accountant enrolled in the Register of Accountants of Vicenza and a Certified Auditor.

Mr. Stella is now the President of Confprofessioni (Confederazione italiana libere professioni – Italian Confederation of Liberal Professions) which is recognized as social partner and represents at national level over 2 million Liberal Professionals and over 1.5 million employees and collaborators who generate 12.5% of Italian GDP. He is also President of CA.DI.PROF (national supplementary health insurance scheme for the employees of the professional practices), that counts 112.500 professionals and 330.000 workers registered; President of Fondazione ConfProfessioni (foundation linked to the Confederation) and of the Italian Observatory of the Liberal Professions, he was recently named by the Italian Government a member of the prestigious National Council for Economy and Labor (CNEL). Engaged actively for the promotion of the goals of our sector, Gaetano served several years as Vice-president and First Vice-president of CEPLIS. Today he also holds the position of Vice-president of the World Union of Professions (WUP/UMPL).